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Go past boundaries imposed by Windows Explorer and remove files that you though impossible to delete or end processes without running the Task Manager

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Tools provided by your operating system might not always aid you as hoped for. Luckily, there are various applications that go over the rules imposed by Windows and grant you full control. Pocket Killbox is an application that allows you to cross the boundaries imposed by Windows Explorer, by erasing items that normally you’re not granted permission to.

Makes sure your system stays safe

Here’s a scenario that any computer user got acquainted with at least once: when you try to delete a certain file or folder, Windows prompts you that you’re not allowed to due to permission restrictions.

Whether you want to get rid of stubborn old junk, or just experiment with Windows' unremovable files, you are going to love Pocket Killbox. Your data is in no way in danger. Before shredding a file to pieces, Pocket Killbox automatically makes a backup that you can later delete or restore. In this case, you're safe if you accidentally delete essential files.

Also applicable to system processes

There are several deletion modes: standard, delete on reboot (requires a computer restart for the changes to take effect) or replace on reboot (includes the option of using a dummy file). For gaining extra space on your computer, the application provides you with an option to remove temporary files.

As an extra feature, you can also monitor processes and end tasks. Shortcuts to Session Manager and the hosts files are available from the Tools menu.

A few last words

In conclusion, Pocket Killbox is pretty outstanding, by our standards. It solves those annoying cases of ‘You don’t have permissions to delete this file’. It’s easy to use, intuitive and portable. Moreover, it prevents having your system damaged by automatically creating backups.

Pocket Killbox was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on July 28th, 2014
Pocket Killbox - This is the main window of the application that displays the running services and allows you to select a file or a service to kill.Pocket Killbox - You can view the program's log files and the saved backup files from the File menu.Pocket Killbox - The Tools menu enables you to search for a file and to delete the temporary files from your computer.Pocket Killbox - If you want to remove the duplicate files you need to select this preference in the Options menu.Pocket Killbox - The program can help you delete the temporary files from your computer by selecting them from this window.