Tweak Master

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A collection of tools that allows strengthening the security and privacy in the operating system and customizing some network settings






Tweak Master has been created as a simple utility that can help customize certain aspects in Windows.

It makes available several tools that touch on the security and privacy of the operating system, changing some of the default Windows folders or making some modifications touching on the network; some of the tweaks available in the application may not work with all operating systems.

The security related tool offers options for disabling certain features of the operating system such as the Run utility or the search function. It also includes the possibility to restrict access to the display properties or to disable the Command Prompt.

Among the network-related options there is the choice to disable file and printer sharing as well as to turn off saving of the password in dial-up networking.

As far as Internet Explorer is concerned, Tweak Master brings to the table the option to change the background image of the web browser. Also, it can be customized with a new search engine and its title can be changed.

Users have the possibility to change the path for some of the Windows folders; these include the Start menu, Startup location, Documents, Favorites, SendTo and Programs.

The functionality of the application is not limited to making these changes and it also allows quick access to some of the utilities in Windows: MS-DOS, Telnet, file manager and Windows Registry.
Last updated on October 14th, 2003
Tweak Master - The options regarding the security and privacy of the system offer the possibility to disable certain features of the OSTweak Master - You can change the path for some of the Windows folders, such as the Start menu or ProgramsTweak Master - The application allows adding a background image for Internet Explorer as well as changing the default search engineTweak Master - screenshot #4