Acer eDataSecurity Management

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A reliable and powerful software solution that enables Aces users to quickly encrypt and decrypt their files with a single right-click

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There are many software solutions that can help users make sure their private documents remain private and that no unauthorized persons gain access to them. However, most of these apps require you to manually add the said files within their main windows, whereas Aces users can do this with a single right click due to Acer eDataSecurity Management.

In other words, those who own Acer devices can install Acer eDataSecurity Management, only after having previously installed Acer Empowering Technology Framework.

The application seamlessly integrates within the context menu of Windows Explorer, so you simply need to right-click any file you choose, and select the dedicated option for encrypting the file.

When you launch it for the first time, you will need to specify the master password that can be used as a last resort in case you forget the passphrase you used for encrypting individual files.

Decrypting a file can be achieved just as easily, as you only need to right-click an encrypted file (its extension has the suffix -ENX) and enter the correct password.

All in all, Acer eDataSecurity Management is a handy application that can help you effortlessly encrypt your confidential documents with a simple right-click.

Due to this tool, whenever you want to leave the office, you can quickly lock your files and rest assured that they cannot be accessed by any third-party (provided you keep your passwords in a safe place and that they cannot be obtain by ill-intentioned persons).

Acer eDataSecurity Management was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on December 4th, 2013
Acer eDataSecurity ManagementAcer eDataSecurity ManagementAcer eDataSecurity Management