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A small-sized and efficient piece of software which provides you with the necessary means to locate your computer in case it is stolen

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Advatrack PRO is a software application developed specifically to help you locate computers in case they were lost, stolen or moved to other locations without your knowledge.

With this simple to use piece of software, you can virtually track down your computer from anywhere in this world using just an Internet connection, provided that the application is installed on the stolen PC.

Efficient method of tracking your computer's location

Once the installation process begins, you can enter contact details that include your username, email address, company name and street address. After registering the data, you can choose to store reports online or receive them by email.

What's more, you can configure the utility to record information about its location in a certain time frame expressed in hours.

Optionally, the program can silently call user-input phone numbers in order to be easily detected using the Call-ID function. It is also recommended that you enter more than one phone number, in case other numbers might not be functional.

Another method of securing your computer's IP address is by using proxy servers, and you can do that by simply inputting the proxy name, the username and a password.

Fast computer tracing software

The entire process of locating your computer's details is quite fast and it doesn't require you to be a power user, since the application is programmed to send you notification emails and at any time you can access online monitoring reports.

Because the program is supposed to be hidden, it is recommended that you do not create desktop and 'Start' menu shortcuts of the executable file. Instead, you can access it by executing a command recoded during installation.

Bottom line

All things considered, Advatrack PRO is a handy software solution that can be of real use when it comes to finding lost or stolen computers, but it lacks some features that could make it even more efficient. For example, you cannot synchronize it with GPS devices and it does not communicate automatically with the police or any security company. Also, given that the software utility hasn't been updated for quite a while, there is a possibility that it might be incompatible with newer operating systems.

Advatrack PRO was reviewed by Alexandra Savin
Last updated on August 27th, 2014
Advatrack PRO - The main window of the application enables you locate your computer in case it is stolenAdvatrack PRO - You can start using the application by entering details, such as username, email address or company informationAdvatrack PRO - From the Online Monitoring Center web page, you can view the recorded IP address and the date of connection

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