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Checksum calculator for text strings and files, featuring support for MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384 and SHA512, along with hash comparison

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ChecksumGUI is a very simple-to-use software application that enables you to calculate the checksum of any text string or file, regardless of its type. It offers support for MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384 and SHA512 signatures.

Simple setup and user-friendly GUI

Installing ChecksumGUI is a fast and easy task, where no special attention is required. Those who want to bypass it may use Portable ChecksumGUI instead.

As far as the interface is concerned, the tool adopts a small window with a clear-cut structure that provides direct access to all available options.

Discover and compare hashes

So, you can type or paste text, or point out a file using the file browser (drag-and-drop is not supported), select the preferred checksum type, and find out the value with the click of a button.

The result is immediately shown in the main frame and you can easily copy it to the Clipboard. In addition, you can enter another hash to compare the first one to, in order to find out whether they are identical or not.

Evaluation and conclusion

We have not come across any issues in our tests, since ChecksumGUI did not hang, crash or pop up error messages. It is very responsive to commands, finds out hashes instantly and uses low CPU and RAM, so it does not affect the overall performance of the PC. All in all, ChecksumGUI serves its purpose. Thanks to its intuitive structure and options, it can be used by anyone.

ChecksumGUI was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on June 23rd, 2014
ChecksumGUI - ChecksumGUI is a handy and reliable application designed to compute file or text hash.

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