Dreamwalker Sub domain brute forcer

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Aiming to test the reliability and security of your web server, this application can simulate a brute forcing attack to retrieve a host's sub-domains

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Dreamwalker Sub domain brute forcer can prove to be a handy tool in the hands of any website owner. It is designed to simulate a dictionary attack against a specific host so as to retrieve information concerning all the valid sub-domains.

Straight to the point functions within a simple GUI

Thanks to its forthright interface, working with this application shouldn't pose any difficulty to users. All the options are comprised within a single window, with no additional menus to deal with.

Practically, your only task is to enter the target host name in the designated field of Dreamwalker Sub domain brute forcer and press the 'Scan' button.

Find sub-domains for a specific host

Once the scanning process is initiated, the application proceeds to checking the validity of sub-domains by using a list of pre-defined alternatives stored in the 'subdomains.txt' file.

This text document is considered the dictionary list and must be placed in the same location as the main executable. Of course, you can easily add new entries to the list or remove existing ones, thus adding more power to the utility or adapting it to your requirements.

To be more specific, Dreamwalker Sub domain brute forcer takes every entry in the dictionary and uses it to create a sub-domain, then it sends a request to the server to check whether the sub-domain is valid or not.

Retrieves a list of valid sub-domains in seconds

The found sub-domains are displayed within the application's main window. Unfortunately, there are no options to export the scanning results, but you can copy them to the clipboard and paste them in another location.

Dreamwalker Sub domain brute forcer can easily find active sub-domains for a host of your choice, while also helping website owners find vulnerabilities of their web server.

Dreamwalker Sub domain brute forcer was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on May 31st, 2014
Dreamwalker Sub domain brute forcer - Dreamwalker Sub domain brute forcer displays a list of the identified sub-domains within its main window.