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With this simple and user-friendly application, you can protect the contents of your most important system folders from other people using the same PC as you

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Ease Folder Guard is an efficient and very easy to handle software solution that was designed to offer you a comprehensive means of safe-keeping your personal data, by helping you password-protect, hide or disguise system directories, along with their contents.

Clean and well-structured looks

The application displays a fairly simple and appealing user interface, the ribbon buttons allowing you to access and work with the functions that you need.

As such, you can ‘Protect Folder’ or ‘Unprotect’ a previously secured one, ‘Open’ one of the listed items, or opt to ‘Protect Disk’, all with a single click.

Lock with a password, hide or disguise your directories

In order to add a new record to Ease Folder Guard’s list, you can press the ‘Protect Folder’ button, then browse through your system and open the targeted item in the program. Subsequently, you can choose between three ‘Protection Types’, namely ‘Password’, ‘Hide’ or ‘Disguise’.

Using the ‘Password’ option, you can input a word or phrase that will prevent other people from opening and browsing through your folder, in return making it accessible only from within Ease Folder Guard.

The ‘Hide’ component will make the directory disappear from view, while the ‘Disguise’ tool lets you select the preferred type of mask. for instance ‘Web Folders’, ‘CAB File’, ‘Control Panel’, ‘Printer’, ‘Recycle Bin’, ‘My Computer’ and several more.

Each secured entry, regardless of its protection type, can be accessed and edited from Ease Folder Guard by means of a ‘Control Board’. In addition, it can be set to automatically close after a certain period of inactivity, or you can ‘Temporarily Remove Protection’.

A handy directory locker

In conclusion, Ease Folder Guard is a reliable and intuitive utility that can successfully assist you in protecting the sensitive information on your computer, by locking, hiding or disguising directories, so no one else beside yourself can work with them freely.

Ease Folder Guard was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 20th, 2015
Ease Folder Guard - The main window of Ease Folder Guard displays the currently protected directories on your systemEase Folder Guard - When adding a new folder, you can password-protect it, hide or disguise it under a different appearanceEase Folder Guard - The password you opt for needs to be entered twice, to make sure you wrote it correctlyEase Folder Guard - screenshot #4Ease Folder Guard - screenshot #5Ease Folder Guard - screenshot #6Ease Folder Guard - screenshot #7Ease Folder Guard - screenshot #8