Hotspot Shield Elite

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Worry no more about being tracked while surfing the web or that your computer gets infected by using this powerful software application

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Hotspot Shield Elite is a useful tool for protecting your computer data when you are frequently using unsecured wireless connections. Since most of the public hotspots are not secured, it is a must-have application for your laptop.

Prevents unauthorized access to your PC

In order to conceal your identity, the application routes the data that is sent and received by your computer through a remote server of the AnchorFree network. The IP of the server is assigned to your computer in order to prevent other websites or users to access your real location and personal data.

Set it to automatically connect

The goal of the application is to provide you with a secure VPN connection without putting you through the process of configuring the connection. You just need to enable the secure connection when you are using a new wireless hotspot. If you think that this is too much effort, the app can be configured to automatically start when you connect to a new network.

Easily check protection status

You can always tell if the application is active by checking the color of the tray icon or the button inserted in the browser interface. When the icon is red you are just browsing the Internet as usual, while the green color signifies an active VPN connection.

Can slightly affect speed

If you do not live in the United States, you might notice a lower browsing speed when loading a webpage or downloading a file. This is caused by the fact the secure servers are located in the United States. In our tests, the delay was barely noticeable but the effect can be different for other users.

Lightweight and easy to configure

Hotspot Shield Elite can be used for protecting the personal data for both home users and the employees of a company. The app is easy to install and allows you to run it on any computer configuration since it requires insignificant resources.

A few last words

Overall, Hotspot Shield Elite is a convenient solution for accessing the Internet through a secured Internet connection in order to protect your virtual identity. It takes little time to get it deployed on your system and nor does it require much effort on your behalf.

Hotspot Shield Elite was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on January 30th, 2015
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