Perform security monitoring on one or multiple devices that are connected over the Internet by using this straightforward piece of software

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OPSWAT GEARS - OPSWAT GEARS enables you to keep track of threats that may act on one or more computers that are connected to the Internet.OPSWAT GEARS - From the Security Score section, you are able to view a pie chart of various security factors.OPSWAT GEARS - Accessing the security score for any of the chart segments, you get various details about it.OPSWAT GEARSOPSWAT GEARSOPSWAT GEARSOPSWAT GEARSOPSWAT GEARS
Keeping a close eye on your computer when it comes to possible security threats is a big deal, especially if you’re using a company device on which you do all your work.

More so, a big slice of the stress cake is given to your firm’s IT guy who has to make sure everything's running smoothly and you are information-leak free. Since not all employees are self taught experts on security issues, OPSWAT GEARS is designed to ease everybody's day.

Effortlessly keep track of possible security issues

OPSWAT GEARS is a piece of software that is designed to offer you and others the possibility to monitor one or more PCs, laptops and servers in order to detect any threats and immediately assess issues.

Once installed on a computer and launched, the application scans it and displays a security score in the form of a pie chart. What’s neat, and at the same time well thought out, is the fact that OPSWAT GEARS comprises the chat from multiple sectors that provide individual scores for sections such as firewall, public file sharing, hard disk encryption, antivirus, patch management and backup.

To make things better, each sector is interactive in the sense that , for example, clicking the antivirus portion of the chart brings up several details about real time protection status, last definition update, threats detected across a long period of time and more.

An efficient anti-leak system

OPSWAT GEARS comes with something called ‘Session Shield’, a feature that makes sure that what information you access remains only for you to see. Browser history is deleted immediately after you disable the shield, USB ports and network connections are closed in order to eliminate data leaks.

Remotely monitor applications and threats

The application really shines when you need to apply it to businesses regardless of their scale. It allows you to use a cloud system from where you or any other person can obtain all the OPSWAT GEARS generated data and make it available in one highly comprehensive dashboard from a web browser.

Apart from receiving up-to-date info on all the connected devices, you also have the possibility to created automated workflows for personnel, grant access to information only from custom set IP addresses, limit external devices that are connected to a PC as well as uninstall software.

Detect advanced threats

OPSWAT GEARS is extremely versatile when it comes to monitoring company workstations as well as guest devices. It helps you get a better understanding of the security risks you are exposing yourself to and offers practical solutions on how to minimize them.

OPSWAT GEARS was reviewed by , last updated on March 26th, 2015

Runs on: Windows 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 8 64 bit

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