Private Data Safe

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An efficient and reliable application designed to protect and secure your important files by assigning access rights only to specific users

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Private Data Safe is a handy and useful piece of software tailored to help you protect your important files by assigning them personal passwords.

Intuitive interface

The main window of the program can be resized to any width and height you wish, but no further customization can be done to its interface.

The layout of Private Data Safe is quite neatly organized, so you can easily find the functions you are looking for.

Easily browse and secure files

Your hard drives and folders are disposed in a tree-like scheme, so you can easily browse the files on your computer, in order to select the ones you wish to protect with passwords.

In the built-in file explorer of Private Data Safe, you can view icons in front of each file's name, informing you about the protection state of each document or folder.

You can edit the access to the selected files by adding users to the white list, and also you can edit the security settings for each user in particular.

Modifying the access permissions is done by checking the corresponding boxes for each action, and you can also set the files to be accessed only after the main Private Data Safe password is input.

Safely store sensitive information

The application contains a virtual safe, where you can store files that contain personal data, such as card numbers, serials, passwords, account information and much more.

The files can be set to require not even only their specific password, but also the main passkey of Private Data Safe, being double protected.

At any time, even if the application is maximized on the screen, you can lock it so it would require the main password in order to be access again.

Useful password manager

Private Data Safe is a simple to use and efficient application, with a neatly organized layout that allows you to easily secure sensitive information and also, to password-protect all your personal files and folders, making it an useful tool to the ones concerned with their privacy.

Private Data Safe was reviewed by Sorin Apostol
Last updated on April 4th, 2014
Private Data Safe - The program allows you to browse files on your hard drives and set additional security features to each file.Private Data Safe - You can store password-protected text documents containing sensitive data or you can lock any files on your drive with a custom password.Private Data Safe - You can set the program to start on Windows logon in order for you to be able to access the locked files.Private Data Safe - screenshot #4Private Data Safe - screenshot #5Private Data Safe - screenshot #6Private Data Safe - screenshot #7