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Smart USB Flash Drive blocker is a software security solution with a name that perfectly describes its functionality - it allows you to block access to the USB flash drives.

This type of tool comes to your aid the moment unauthorized users have access to your computer. It prevents them from stealing your data or infiltrating malicious software, such as keyloggers.

This app is portable, so Smart USB Flash Drive blocker does not come with an installation package. It means that you can store it on an external drive or similar storage unit, and directly run it.

Alternatively, you can just drop the tool on the hard drive and run it. Its interface is represented by a small window with a minimalistic layout. Aside from the Block button, there are no options available through Smart USB Flash Drive blocker. Clicking it automatically blocks the USB ports, while right-clicking it restores the status to normal.

However, there is a major issue concerning Smart USB Flash Drive blocker. It doesn't integrate the option to assign a password to it, so basically anyone can work with it; the window cannot even be minimized to the Start bar or system tray area. Users are advised to look for a more powerful tool than Smart USB Flash Drive blocker.
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Last updated on April 10th, 2013

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Smart USB Flash Drive blocker - Easily block / unblock flash drives with a push of a button.

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