SoftEther VPN 4.08 Build 9449 RTM / 4.14 Build 9529 Beta

An intuitive and reliable application that allows you to create a high-performance Virtual Private Network (VPN) based on a server-client architecture

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What's new in SoftEther VPN 4.14 Build 9529 Beta:

  • The previous version 4.13 (beta) has a problem to accept L2TP connections due to the session-state quota-limitation code by the minor change between Build 9514 and 9524. The problem is fixed on this build. Please update to this build if you are facing to the L2TP problem on version 4.13.
  • Added the function to record physical source IP addresses of VPN clients on every packet log lines. This function can be disabled by set the "NoPhysicalIPOnPacketLog" flag in the Virtual Hub Extended Option to "1".
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12 SoftEther VPN Screenshots:
SoftEther VPN - The main window of SoftEther VPN allows you to view the created host names and the selected operation modeSoftEther VPN - The application enables you to manage virtual hubs, create new ones and view the server's statusSoftEther VPN - You have the possibility to select the encryption algorithm name, specify the host name and select the type of protocol to be usedSoftEther VPNSoftEther VPNSoftEther VPNSoftEther VPNSoftEther VPNSoftEther VPNSoftEther VPNSoftEther VPNSoftEther VPN
SoftEther VPN is a multi-protocol VPN application that embeds a versatile engine for creating remote-access, as well as site-to-site connections, enabling you to design custom VPN topologies.

SoftEther VPN started off as an academic project, rapidly making its way to what is now a trustworthy and reliable VPN solution fit for both home and organization use.

Although it was designed as an alternative for OpenVPN as well as Microsoft’s SSTP-based VPN protocol, SoftEther VPN provides support for both of these, allowing users to clone the server’s settings in order to simplify the migration process.

SoftEther VPN relies on a client-server architecture with support for six of the most popular VPN protocols, namely: EtherIP, IPsec, L2TP, OpenVPN, MS-STTP and L2TPv3. VPN tunnels are established securely, so the transmission of information will be protected in the best way possible.

The VPN servers can be setup behind your company’s firewall, allowing employees to reach to it from the comfort of their homes or using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

No matter the distance, access to your VPN network will be facilitated seamlessly, via ad-hoc and LAN to LAN technologies that allow you to build your own IT infrastructure.

If your company’s assets are distributed all over the country, you can use SoftEther VPN to control them remotely, allowing IT professionals to build an enterprise-level network.

Other highlights include firewall transparency, AES and RSA encryption, high-speed performance, as well as dynamic-DNS and Nat-transversal support.

Considering all of the above, SoftEther VPN is most definitely one of the most powerful and reliable VPN software available on the market that targets especially companies seeking for a free alternative to creating and maintaining an architecture of VPN servers.

SoftEther VPN was reviewed by , last updated on February 2nd, 2015

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