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A useful, reliable and intuitive utility worth having when you need to detect any malicious process and block it, thus securing your computer

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As its name implies, Zarvin Antilogger is a useful and straightforward piece of software whose main purpose is to protect your computer by identifying and blocking malicious processes and keyloggers.

As we are all aware, keystroke logging, also referred to as keylogging, is the action of recording all the keys struck on a keyboard. Passwords, bank accounts, card numbers and other important data might become vulnerable to such applications that are able to record everything on your keyboard. Not only that your personal data will be exposed to other persons, but you might get compromised as well.

Using Zarvin Antilogger you are able to block such programs for running on your computer. Although many of them can be uninstalled from the Control Panel, there are also keyloggers that cannot be identified by an antivirus and they stay hidden into your system tray while recording everything you type.

Each time a malicious process wants to run, the program will immediately notify you by displaying a small window that contains the type, the size and the path file of the identified process. This way, you can block it and stop it from running, or allow it in case the process comes from a trusted provider.

Additionally, you can access the ‘White List’ section and add your favorite programs to run smoothly without interfering with Zarvin Antilogger. Simply navigate to the proper directory, select the .exe file, then press the ‘Add’ button.

By accessing the Settings window you are able to set the application to run at Windows startup, change the timeout protection and filter all the processes by file size.

Considering all of the above, Zarvin Antilogger comes in handy when you need to protect your computer against keyloggers and secure your personal data effortlessly.

Zarvin Antilogger was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on January 15th, 2014
Zarvin Antilogger - Each time a new keylogger process wants to run, the application enables you to block or allow itZarvin Antilogger - With the help of Zarvin Antilogger you are able to detect and block any keylogger installed on your systemZarvin Antilogger - Using the 'White List' section you can add your favorite programs and allow them to run properlyZarvin Antilogger - The Settings window enables you to set the timeout protection and filter all the processes by file size