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A wizard-based application that enables you to create full backups of your files and folders, as well as restore them in case they become corrupted

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Whether you are constantly bringing modifications to your computer, or you are handling sensitive data that you would like to avoid losing, backup operations are vital for the integrity of your system. In addition, the possibility to properly and completely restore the saved data is also critical, as well as securing it with strong encryption methods.

Backup your entire system to the removable device of your choosing

123Backup is a software utility designed to cover your backup necessities and assure the safety of your most important files and documents. The application enables you to perform a full backup of any drive that is currently connected to your PC, including removable USB flash drives and external hard disks. Beside regular files, you can also choose to include the entire registry, or just the folders that interest you the most.

Once you have selected the items that you want to backup, you have the option to choose between various storage methods on which to store the copies. The utility enables you to create a ZIP archive containing the documents, send them to a removable disk, or connect to a remote storage service, such as a FTP server or the cloud.

Restore the files and view activity logs

In case you lose your data and you need to make use of the created backup files, 123Backup allows you to undergo the restore process and recover your system. After choosing one of the available backups, you can either restore all of the included files and documents, or select only those that you have to replace and avoid the extra time needed to perform a full restoration, especially if your backups are very large.

The application keeps detailed logs for every backups performed on your system and you can consult them whenever you need to. They contain information about all of the saved files in every session, as well as various statistics regarding the number of processed documents, writing speed and total duration.

In conclusion

All in all, thanks to the multitude of supported devices on which you can backup your files, 123Backup is a very versatile application that can come in handy in various situations. In addition, the included easy-to-use scheduler and the wizard-driven interface make it a good choice even for inexperienced users.

123Backup was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on July 3rd, 2014
123Backup - The main window of the application enables to select between backup or restore and view the activity logs.123Backup - You can choose the name of the new backup, as well as one of the available templates.123Backup - You can choose one or more drives to backup, including the external devices and the registry.123Backup123Backup123Backup123Backup123Backup123Backup123Backup

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