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The Activation Backup Solution

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Advanced Tokens Manager is a very easy to use application that backs up Windows and Office 2010 activation, providing a very user friendly interface to help you in this regard.

The program can work with multiple versions of Windows, but it only supports the 2010 release of Microsoft Office, so you can't use it with older releases of the popular office suite.

Just as said, the interface is very simple and intuitive, so beginners and more experienced users should encounter absolutely no problem when trying to figure out which feature is which.

The main window displays a backup preview, which is actually a glimpse into the things Advanced Tokens Manager tries to backup. You can see the Windows product key and CRC32 values easily, as well as the current status of you Office activation files.

Specifically designed to back up all license files, Advanced Tokens Manager helps you start Windows and Office backup straight from the main window, so there are no other configuration screens or menus.

A good thing about Advanced Tokens Manager is that it works on most Windows versions, but it seems to use a moderate amount of CPU and RAM resources while backing up license files. Otherwise, it's far from being a resource hog and this only changes when creating a new backup.

Overall, Advanced Tokens Manager is a Windows activation backup solution that does what it says without assaulting the user with too many features that may turn the process into a nightmare. It thus provides only the basic tools, no configuration screens and minimal information to make sure you're doing the right thing.

Advanced Tokens Manager was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on December 16th, 2013
Advanced Tokens Manager - The main window of the application allows users to check if their Windows PC has been activated

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