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A lightweight software utility designed to synchronize your files and folders, by copying the recently changed documents from one directory to the other

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If you are working with a large number of files and folders on a regular basis, you might find it useful to keep them in sync with data stored on other devices, such as USB flash drives or external hard disks. Hence, you are able to have two exact copies of the same files on multiple devices at once.

Synchronize and backup your files regularly

Bart is a lightweight software utility designed to tackle this issue for you, by automatically checking and copying the desired folder from one location to the other. This enables you to constantly have one or more backups for your data, in case you decide to use the application as a protection method against accidental deletion or file corruption.

The main strength of the utility comes into play when synchronization is involved, especially if you need to perform it on separate devices, or even across a local network. Bart is able to check every document present in the two selected directories against each other and only copy those which were recently changed, in order to accelerate the process. However, when the application is first run, it does perform a complete copy operation on all the available files, in order to make sure the contents are an exact match.

Add extension exclusions and run the utility from the command-line

In case you do not want to constantly keep transferring files that you do not require, you can opt to exclude and ignore certain documents. This is achieved by tweaking the exclusion list, where you can add the desired array of parameters. Thus, you can use the “thumbs*” command to leave out image thumbnails, or even select the file extensions that you want to ignore when the synchronization is performed.

For more experienced users, the application provides a command-line interface as well, where you can manually run every operation using a wide range of commands. This can also be a useful feature in case you want to create a script file to execute the procedure when you are not around the computer, or access the utility remotely from another machine.

Closing arguments

All in all, thanks to the intuitive interface and the very customizable set of options, Bart is a handy utility you can use to keep your files and folders in sync with each other, as well as include it into more complex applicatins, by making use of the provided command-line capabilities.

Bart was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on July 22nd, 2014
Bart - You can create multiple synchronization jobs and view their progression log in the main window of the application.Bart - The File menu enables you to create a new job list, open an existing one or save the current project.Bart - You can disable all the tasks and clear the log window by accessing the Edit menu.Bart - screenshot #4Bart - screenshot #5Bart - screenshot #6

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