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You can use this simple and efficient application to quickly create backup files of your most important data, and restore it with ease in case of system failure

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Chinwa's Backup is a lightweight and easy to use software utility whose main purpose is to help you quickly create backup files, so you never run the risk of permanently losing your most important data in case of a system crash or other similar reasons.

The program is sufficiently simple to work with, as it features a basic and straight-forward interface, enabling even the less experienced to handle it without much hassle.

Chinwa's Backup allows you to select the source document and choose the target location of the output file. Additionally, you can 'Create Files If Not Exist' as well as 'Create Folders If Not Exist'. Similarly, the application lets you 'Delete Extra Folders In Target Path'. The backup project can be saved and used on multiple occasions.

Once you have properly defined the preferences for the operation, you can press on the 'Backup' button and within moments, Chinwa's Backup begins to process your files, showing a progress bar, helping you estimate how much longer it is going to take, which can depend on the total size of the item.

At the same time, if you happen to run into problems and lose all your data, the program can easily help you restore the files to their previous path, just by loading the backup project file and clicking on the 'Restore' button.

While the application is quite useful and efficient, Chinwa's Backup can only perform manual operations, meaning you will have to do it yourself every time, as you cannot schedule it to run at regular intervals.

In conclusion, Chinwa's Backup is a basic and user-friendly backup tool that allows you to create copies of your files in just a few clicks of your mouse, preventing you from experiencing total data loss in the event of a system failure and enabling you to quickly restore the items to their initial location, so you can carry on with your work as normal.

Chinwa's Backup was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 13th, 2014
Chinwa's Backup - Chinwa's Backup is a simple application that enables you to create backup files of your most important documentsChinwa's Backup - The dedicated window o the application allows you to view the progress of the backup operation

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