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With this straightforward and useful application, you can quickly recover your accidentally deleted documents or files from internal and external drives

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CompuApps OnBelay is a straightforward piece of kit designed to help you back up, duplicate, recover and format data on different kinds of flash media devices. It comes loaded with several intuitive options and configuration parameters that should be easy to figure out.

Hassle-free installer with easy-to-navigate GUI

Setting up this program shouldn't be an issue, since CompuApps OnBelay bundles familiar options. It is wrapped in a normal window with a plain and simple structure, representing its interface.

All connected devices are listed at startup and you can view information for each one, such as device name, firmware revision, drive letter, volume label, capacity and file system.

Customize preferences to run recovery scans

It is possible to perform a full scan recovery job or ask CompuApps OnBelay to look only for deleted files, as well as to configure job settings pertaining to the default saving directory for extracted filed, file name, scan type (all files types or just specific ones), as well as whether thumbnails will be shown or not (slows down the scan time).

Run backup, duplicate, restore or format jobs

In addition, the software application lets you back up the contents of a media device to an image file to restore it at a later time by copying only used space or making an exact clone by taking into account unused space as well, duplicate files, as well as format the disk drive in quick or full mode to create either FAT32 or FAT 16 file systems.

Evaluation and conclusion

There were no kind of stability problems in our evaluation, as CompuApps OnBelay did not hang, crash or pop up error messages. It executes commands swiftly and takes reasonable time to carry out a task while using low CPU and RAM. All in all, CompuApps OnBelay gets the job done.

CompuApps OnBelay was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on October 13th, 2014
CompuApps OnBelay - CompuApps OnBelay allows you to quickly recover files from internal or external drives.CompuApps OnBelay - From the dedicated window, you can scan for all supported filetypes or include certain ones.

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