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Powerful software that allows you to manage and control large computing environments and easily safeguard the information stored on computers

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Deep Freeze Enterprise is a handy tool that you can use to save computer configurations and restore them at the next restart. It comes in handy especially for PCs that have more than one user and public computers, allowing you to avoid computer troubleshoot, software conflict and virus attacks.

The Enterprise edition of Deep Freeze offers centralized management features for handling large computing environments. The Configuration Administrator console allows you to manage multiple workstations at the same time.

To gain control over a computer, you have to create a workstation module (via the 'File' menu) and deploy it on the target machine.

Deep Freeze Enterprise allows you to choose the drives you want to protect, choose the thaw spaces and change their dimensions, as well as set the program to always thaw external hard drives. The thaw spaces are places where the user data is stored (such as the MBR section of your hard drive), in order to be retained during reboot.

You can schedule computer restart, shutdown, as well as enter workstations to maintenance mode. Optionally, you can allow event canceling. Users also have other options for controlling the target computer user rights and permissions. The command line options can be disabled and the clock can be frozen to avoid user changes.

Furthermore, you can send the target PC a wake-on-LAN command or send messages via the Deep Freeze Enterprise console.

While in maintenance mode, the application can run Windows updates or another batch file on the target machine. Even when the machine is frozen, it can apply cached updates, which makes the process even faster.

Deep Freeze Enterprise can safeguard the stored system configuration, thus reducing the technical support time and helping you save money. Changes made to a workstation are ignored during restart and the machine is brought to its original state.

Deep Freeze Enterprise was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on September 21st, 2015
Deep Freeze Enterprise - Deep Freeze Enterprise is a software that can help you manage and control large computing environments.Deep Freeze Enterprise - The Deep Freeze Configuration Administrator window allows you to select the drives.Deep Freeze Enterprise - The Workstation Tasks tab allows you to quickly set the task you want to schedule.Deep Freeze Enterprise - screenshot #4Deep Freeze Enterprise - screenshot #5Deep Freeze Enterprise - screenshot #6Deep Freeze Enterprise - screenshot #7Deep Freeze Enterprise - screenshot #8Deep Freeze Enterprise - screenshot #9Deep Freeze Enterprise - screenshot #10Deep Freeze Enterprise - screenshot #11Deep Freeze Enterprise - screenshot #12

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