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A lightweight, yet handy application that allows you to backup a wide range of files, including databases to your local or network drive

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Creating a restore point for your files can prevent data loss, regardless of its software or hardware nature. DeveloperBackup is a crafty software solution that can help you in this matter.

It allows you to create a backup for any of your files, including website and database directories. This way, you can recover them with ease in case your computer or server malfunctions and loses all the files contained. In order to properly work, the program requires .Net Framework installed and running on your computer.

Handy backup creator

The application can help you create a backup point for any of your files, either locally saved on your computer or on a remote server. The files you can backup can range from local ones to website data and database content, saved from MySQL or Firebase.

Furthermore, you can create backup groups for any of your files. This way, you can categorize and save each backup plan created, which allows you to re-generate your restore points and update the old ones.

Reliable backup tool for databases and websites

DeveloperBackup can be used to create backup points for your files, regardless of their location. For example, you can simply backup files from your computer, or save all the content of your databases stored on a remote server.

This feature allows you to connect to a certain website or MySQL database and create a backup file for all the queries and tables found there so that, in case the server malfunctions, you will still be able to recover the files it contained.

A robust, yet improvable backup utility

All in all, DeveloperBackup gets the job done and it allows you to backup most of your files, even the remote databases. Because the backup is saved on your disk drive, you can still lose it in case your computer malfunctions. Developing a feature that allows you to save backups both locally and on a remote server could improve restore point security.

DeveloperBackup was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on August 4th, 2014
DeveloperBackup - DeveloperBackup allows you to backup all sorts of files, including databases to your local or network drive.

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