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Securely backup all your important files, including documents, photos, music, and emails, with the help of this easy-to-use application

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GFI Backup is powerful, yet comprehensive backup and synchronization application designed to help you store your files securely in order to prevent data loss. It can perform incremental or differential backups to local folders and provides you with intuitive options that make it suitable for beginner and advanced users alike.

Designed with ease of use in mind, the application features a wizard-based interface that assists you in creating and running new tasks. The main window enables you to setup a new backup job, restore a backup, manage existing jobs and synchronize files and directories in two different locations.

Creating a new backup job is done without any hassle, since the built-in wizard guides you through the entire process, from choosing the backup name and description to configuring scheduling options. The application can backup local files and folders, disks, registry entries and email messages. The backup destination can be a local or external hard drive, a LAN folder, a removable disk and you can even upload the files to a FTP server.

GFI Backup can compress and encrypt the data in order to save disk space and prevent unwanted access to your documents. It uses ZIP compression and secures the files using password protection or the AES 256 algorithm. In order to copy locked files and folders, the Volume Shadow Copy Service is used.

You have three backup options at hand: incremental backups only include the changed files, differential backups create an exact copy of the source by deleting certain files, while the 'Stark backup' option creates different versions of the backup file.

The built-in scheduler can set the program to automatically run a task at a predefined time, at Windows startup or shutdown. Additionally, it can be configured to notify you (via email or popup windows) on errors, warnings and completion.

The application can also perform folder synchronization and the process is similar, except that you have to configure the conflict resolution options.

All things considered, GFI Backup provides you with a full-featured backup solution with straightforward wizards that can help you store your important files and folders securely.

GFI Backup was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on April 17th, 2013
GFI Backup - GFI Backup will help you quickly, easily and, most of all, securely backup all your important filesGFI Backup - Users will be able to fully manage their backups by creating, editing them within the My Tasks windowGFI Backup - The Task Properties panel will provide users with source, destination, scheduler or events optionsGFI Backup - screenshot #4GFI Backup - screenshot #5GFI Backup - screenshot #6GFI Backup - screenshot #7GFI Backup - screenshot #8GFI Backup - screenshot #9GFI Backup - screenshot #10GFI Backup - screenshot #11GFI Backup - screenshot #12

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