Lenovo OneKey Recovery

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Lenovo OneKey Recovery is an extremely useful backup and disaster recovery solution designed exclusively for Lenovo laptops. It can bring your system back to factory settings, as well as to create backups in case system failures occur.

Designed by Lenovo itself, this product can save the day in situations that involve disk and OS errors, sporting everything that is needed in order to overcome a disaster scenario.

Lenovo OneKey Recovery uses a special partition on the hard disk, which is built-in and hidden, for security purposes. The partition holds the OneKey Recovery program files, as well as the recovery images that will be created in time.

Lenovo laptops come with a special keyboard button that will automatically start the program when the computer is in shutdown state. It automatically loads the recovery module, which allows you to reset the device to its factory settings or to a previously created image.

The factory reset recovery is an emergency solution that wipes everything to the laptop’s original state and should only be used in case of a fatal failure.

Lenovo OneKey Recovery also enables you to create backups of the current system configuration, which will allow you to use it as a recovery point if the situation ever requires you to. Alternatively, you can also create a bootable recovery disc from a previous system backup or from the factory default image.

All the operations available in Lenovo OneKey Recovery are highly interactive, so much so that everything comes down to following the on-screen instructions, which will guide you through the chosen module.

On an ending note, Lenovo OneKey Recovery is a great asset that allows Lenovo users to prevent and manage disasters scenarios with the utmost ease.

Lenovo OneKey Recovery was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on November 6th, 2013

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