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Backup your files on a cloud service, then synchronize them with any local directories with the help of this highly intuitive and easy to use application

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In order to secure your data, it is recommended to use a cloud service, as it provides you with backup in case your computer malfunctions or is attacked by viruses or malware that delete your files.

Norman Personal Backup is a handy tool that allows you to upload your data on a remote file hosting service, then constantly keep an eye on any changes that might occur when handling your files. In case any changes are detected, the files that are modified are also synchronized with your remote storage. In order to properly work, the application requires a web browser, such as Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome installed on your computer, as well as a Norman account in order to access your files anytime.

Highly reliable cloud storage tool

The program provides you with the tools necessary to keep your files secured, by uploading them to a cloud service. This way, you can ensure that your files are safe from any malfunctions that your computer might have.

Additionally, your files are automatically synchronized whenever a change occurs, as the application monitors if the files uploaded on the remote storage host are the same or different from the ones on your computer.

Fast and easy to use file synchronizer

Norman Personal Backup allows you to securely store your files on a remote data storage website, so that you can access them anytime and anywhere.

Furthermore, you can share the files you uploaded on your cloud account, by generating download links for each file you want to share with your coworkers or friends.

A reliable and powerful data synchronization utility

To sum it up, Norman Personal Backup provides you with a convenient way of uploading your files to a secure data storage, then monitoring and synchronizing any files that suffer modifications.

Norman Personal Backup was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on June 30th, 2014
Norman Personal Backup - Norman Personal Backup works in System Tray and it allows you to backup your files on a remote data storage.Norman Personal Backup - By accessing the Backup section, you can see the files that have been uploaded and are being monitored for changes.Norman Personal Backup - From the Restore section, you can see the devices that used the remote data storage, as well as your event archive.Norman Personal Backup - screenshot #4Norman Personal Backup - screenshot #5Norman Personal Backup - screenshot #6Norman Personal Backup - screenshot #7Norman Personal Backup - screenshot #8Norman Personal Backup - screenshot #9

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