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A reliable and user-friendly software solution that enables you to easily backup selected files and folders so you can restore them on another PC

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When migrating from one computer to another, copying or moving your most important files can prove quite difficult, especially when it comes to your chat logs, browser settings or emails. If you want to save time and energy while performing backups on your files, you can rely on PCtransfer.

Portable backup utility

The application comes with an intuitive graphic interface and it does not require you to install it on your computer - since it is a portable software solution, you can carry it on your USB flash drive and run it every time you want to quickly backup your files.

One of the strong points of PCtransfer is that it backs up your files to a chosen removable drive, so if there is no such device connected to the PC, you cannot use the app’s functions.

Backup browser settings, emails or downloaded items

Furthermore, PCtransfer can be used to automatically backup not only desktop files, but also the favorites and settings of your installed browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

Additionally, you can also backup the contents of your Pictures, Videos and Music folders, along with emails and chat data or iTunes downloaded items.

Needless to say, you can also add custom files and folders to the list, before proceeding with creating the backup.

Depending on the total amount of data you selected, it might take some time until the backup process completes and it is advisable not to modify any of the loaded data (to ensure that the copied files’ integrity is not affected).


To wrap it up, PCtransfer can come in handy to all users who want to quickly backup their files, then restore them to another PC with as little effort as possible - after all, no expert skills are required for any step of the process.
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Last updated on April 3rd, 2014
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PCtransfer - The main window of PCtransfer enables users to choose the type of data they want to backupPCtransfer - You can choose custom files and folders that you want to backup to your removable drivePCtransfer - Once the backup process has completed, a dedicated window will be displayed, indicating the new location of your filesPCtransfer

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