Winamp Backup Tool2.0.1 Build 1620

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Backup solution for Winamp users






Winamp Backup Tool provides users with a simple means of creating backups for all Winamp-related data. In this way, users will be able to restore libraries, settings, skins and visualization presets at any convenient time.

Winamp Backup Tool can also be used in order to migrate existing Winamp settings to another PC. The application is very easy to use due to its simple step by step wizard.
Last updated on December 4th, 2014
Winamp Backup Tool - In the main window of Winamp Backup Tool users can choose to backup or to restore their dataWinamp Backup Tool - Prior to performing the backup, users are required to specify the path they want to save files toWinamp Backup Tool - The tool provides users with the possibility of opting for the automatic or the custom backup modeWinamp Backup Tool - You can create backups for all Winamp-related data, including skins, core settings and librariesWinamp Backup Tool - Once the tool completes the task, users can choose to open the backup folder or to view the extended log file

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