Windows 8 Apps Data Backup

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A small utility that will help you create backups of all the installed Windows 8 apps and have then ready for restoring in case a system crash occurs

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With the emergence of Windows 8, a new type of applications, especially designed for this operating system, also appeared and some of them are pre-installed an integrated with the OS. This particular kind of programs that are meant to let users enjoy the fresh Modern UI are also subject to mishaps and can be affected just like any other type of software by various failures.

For those who want to keep them safe and have them at hand, ready to be recovered in case such a misfortune does occur, a utility like Windows 8 Apps Data Backup could save the day. Even if the interface doesn't rise to the standards of the new-made style introduced by Microsoft's proprietary operating system, the practicality of the tool is beyond doubt.

Very easy to use and well suited for beginners, Windows 8 Apps Data Backup will not require installation and can be deployed directly, even from a portable storage device. The program has only two buttons which correspond to the main functions, namely that of crating backups and restoring the saved data.

If you opt for the first feature, the software will automatically scan the environment, detect and display in a list all the Windows 8 apps that are installed onto the PC. The selection of those items that you want to set aside for safekeeping can be done either individually or as a batch, using the 'Select all' button.

The backup can be done in a couple of ways, more precisely you can have the applications copied to a new folder or archive them in a ZIP file. The other procedure, of restoring the data, is just as simple since all you have to do is choose the location of the backup and then pic the apps you want to bring back to their initial state.

All the operations are carried out quite fast and even if the looks may be against it, Windows 8 Apps Data Backup proves to be an otherwise useful tool.

Windows 8 Apps Data Backup was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on December 18th, 2013
Windows 8 Apps Data Backup - The main window of Windows 8 Apps Data Backup is the place where you can choose which applications you want to backup

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