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A powerful application for carrying out synthetic DirectX 9.0 GPU/VPU benchmarks in order to assess the capabilities of any supported hardware device

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Running assessments of various system components would not be possible without the appropriate tools and there are many dedicated benchmarking utilities that can be used for a variety of specific tests. One such application is D3D RightMark and it is dedicated to the evaluation of Direct3D graphics cards.

Quick setup and well organized GUI layout

Getting this program to run onto your system is quite simple as the package installs in a jiffy and is ready to be deployed in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, it doesn't create a shortcut onto the desktop, so you will have to browse to the application's directory and start it from there.

The interface is simple to understand and use, displaying all the available functions and system information inside several well delimited areas.

Select and configure multiple tests

D3D RightMark comes equipped with a variety of synthetic benchmarks that you can run one at a time or in batches. The fact that it allows you to pick exactly the assessments that you need to be performed is a big plus, but not the only one.

For each of the tests you pick, you can adjust the running parameters according to your needs, as there are sets of values specific for every examination and many common ones, which apply to all the tests.

Get detailed information for the evaluated parameters

As soon as the benchmarks are complete, the results will be displayed in a separate window and you can check out the status of each assessment, as well as the information concerning profiles, devices, display width and height, refresh rate, testing time and many more.

In case you want to keep the results and review them at a later date, you can save them in HTML format.

An effective tool for Direct3D device testing

On the whole, D3D RightMark puts up a decent performance and offers a decent set of functions that are easy enough to use for pretty much everyone interested in getting an appraisal of their graphics card.

D3D RightMark was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on February 27th, 2014
D3D RightMark - This is the main window of D3D RightMark that allows you to choose the tests and run them.

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