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Put your hard disk to the test by copying a single file or directory or by creating one or multiple customized files using this simple application

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There are numerous applications that are meant to test the limits of a computer and reveal its genuine performance level. They typically achieve this by stressing the PC to the maximum, while there are others, like Disk Bench, that simply monitor the computer and inform the user of its speed.

Easy to deploy and use

Just like its name suggests, this application has been specifically designed to put one's hard disks up to a test, save the results and present them in a nice and clean way.

Disk Bench does not come packed in an installer, it is delivered as a standard executable file and double-clicking it launches the application.

Several test cases available

The interface is well organized, and its several tabs display the benchmarks offered by the app: copy a file, copy a directory, create a file, read a file or create a file batch, they are all within reach, waiting for users to start testing the speed of their HDDs.

Automatically removes files no longer in use

One of the functions provided by Disk Bench is that when copying and creating a file, users also get the possibility to automatically delete the target files, so that they do not get stuck with redundant items on their PC. It needs to be mentioned that the transfer rate one gets when dealing with smaller files will always be higher than the one of the larger ones.

When creating multiple files, it is possible to adjust the initial number of blocks and the block size, along with the number of created items, depending on one's preferences.

To sum it up

Overall, Disk Bench is an intuitive little utility that can prove to be much more efficient than other complex and heavily advertised software solutions out there. And with a few improvements in terms of accuracy and complexity, it could really become a top player in this software category.

DiskBench was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on April 11th, 2015
DiskBench - From the Copy File tab, users can set a source file and a destination path to start the benchmark and view the resultDiskBench - The Copy Directory tab allows users to select the source and destination folders and to copy an entire directoryDiskBench - Users can access the dedicated tab to create one or two files by setting the block size and numberDiskBench - From the Read File tab, users can select one or two sources, set the number of blocks and DiskBench will test the reading speed of the hard diskDiskBench - The Create File Batch tab allows users to create multiple files by selecting an output folder and the block size and number

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