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Use this intuitive, yet incredibly powerful benchmarking utility to stress out your computer to get an idea of its full potential

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Stability is what we should look for when building a computer or getting one already put-together. There isn't anything wrong with putting a PC to stress, unless it's faulty. Nobody needs a ready-to-crash computer and if there's anything wrong with it, we should find out in the shortest possible time. With this thought in mind, developers have worked with scientists in order to deliver top-notch benchmarking tools based on elaborate mathematical algorithms.

Make sure your PC is up to the task

IntelBurnTest is one of those applications. It is based on the Intel Linpack, a very demanding application that stresses the components of the PC to high extents. If you're unsure of the cooling power of your rig, we recommend that you firstly check it out with some temperature reading apps and then go for a test. Until then, you may use this software at your own risk, although you don't have to be an extreme overclocker to push your PC around to see whether it's a winner or not.

Delivering an accurate result

IntelBurnTest packs the technology used by Intel in their lab tests before the CPUs are approved and released. This sounds assuring enough; however the list of its benefits does not stop here. The application is recommended to be run on x64 systems because of the higher accuracy these systems provide. It takes less of your time to inform you of the stability of your system than Prime95. Considering the fact that Prime95 is one of the highly praised tools in the field, that can only come as a huge plus.

Several configuration possibilities

The GUI of the program is neat – there's nothing fancy about it and it's all done in a serious manner, depicting the fact that it is performance-oriented. We can choose between several stress levels and times that the benchmark will run. Users will also be able to set the number of threads used during the operation. The elapsed time of the testing process depends on the performance of your PC and the settings of the application.

In conclusion

To sum it up, IntelBurnTest will display results in real-time as well as a message at the end of the test that sums it up for you. The thing you have to look for is that you receive the same values in the results column of the output section. The speed is also recorded during the benchmark and it will be shown in GFlops (Giga Floating-point operations per second). Using this program will answer the question about whether you own a truly stable PC or not.

IntelBurnTest was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on August 5th, 2014
IntelBurnTest - You can use IntelBurnTest to rapidly test your processor's stability.

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