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Create your own bootable Live USB key fast and easy

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LinuxLive USB Creator Portable is a Windows software tool developed to create a live Linux USB drive.

The whole idea behind this product is very simple: since Linux can also be installed and launched from USB flash pens, a software solution to make such a removable drive bootable would come in very handy.

So here we are, LinuxLive USB Creator Portable is a powerful tool that can install various Linux distributions on a USB flash drive and let you launch it with no fuss.

The whole process comes down to just five steps. You are first required to choose the USB drive, which needs to be FAT or FAT32, and then the source of the Linux installation.

You can pick from ISO/IMG/ZIP files, CDs or online repositories, with LinuxLive USB Creator Portable coming with downloadable links for the most popular versions, including Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Fedora and Mandriva.

Next, you have to configure persistency, which is recommended to be over 1GB if you plan to use this Linux installation a regular basis.

Step number 4 is all about options, so you can hide created files on the drive, format the device to FAT32 and enable launching LinuxLive in Windows.

There are several advanced options too, so only experienced users should change them. For example, you can enable LiLi automatic recognition, force default mode or force other user-defined parameters.

The whole task takes around 10 minutes and the computer is moderately stressed up during this time.

All in all however, LinuxLive USB Creator Portable is one of the best apps in this particular software category. Although it comes with plenty of options aimed at advanced users, the essentials ones are pretty intuitive, so beginners should have no problems in setting up a live Linux USB drive.

LinuxLive USB Creator Portable was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on September 10th, 2015
LinuxLive USB Creator Portable - LinuxLive USB Creator Portable will help you create your own bootable Live USB key fast and easyLinuxLive USB Creator Portable - The first step of the Linux creating wizard will require users to choose a USB key or any of the available partitionsLinuxLive USB Creator Portable - Users will be able to access the Options panel of the application in order to select the install parametersLinuxLive USB Creator Portable - screenshot #4

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