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A comprehensive and user-friendly piece of software that you can use to format a USB drive in order to create a bootable disk, with minimal effort

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RMPrepUSB is an advanced and efficient piece of software aimed to offer you the means of formatting your USB drives or Flash drives, helping you transform them into bootable disks.

Complex user interface

The program’s interface is fairly cluttered and difficult to follow at times, due to the fact that all of the steps that need to be taken throughout the operation are all crammed into a small, non-resizable window.

Nonetheless, once you have spent a bit of time fiddling with RMPrepUSB, you will begin to understand how it is supposed to function. The provided help documentation can also prove of assistance..

Format your USB drive and copy OS files onto the device

Working with RMPrepUSB mainly consists of six steps, which you need to follow precisely in order to obtain the results you are after, otherwise it runs the risk of encountering various errors that will stop the process. After choosing the USB device that you want to use, you can set the ‘Partition Size’ and input the ‘Volume Label’.

The next step consists of choosing the ‘Bootloader Options’, specifically the operating systems that you intend to work with (Windows, MS-DOS, SysLinux, etc). You can then opt for the type of filesystem that best suits your needs, and select the override preferences. Each option features a series of details about it, so as to help you make the right choice.

Finally, you can check the proper box to copy OS files from a preferred source on your computer when the formatting process is complete. You can then press the ‘Prepare Drive’ button, which will cause a command prompt window to appear and display the progress of the operation, informing you of its completion.

An effective bootable disk creator

In conclusion, RMPrepUSB is a handy application whose main purpose is to help you create a bootable disk out your USB drives or other similar devices, so you can boot your system to various different operating systems with just a few moves.

RMPrepUSB was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 9th, 2014
RMPrepUSB - The main window of RMPrepUSB allows you to select the USB drive that you intend to work withRMPrepUSB - The command line window enables you to view the progress of the undergoing operation on your USBRMPrepUSB - From the File menu, you can create a 1.44 MB MS-DOS floppy disk boot imageRMPrepUSBRMPrepUSBRMPrepUSBRMPrepUSB

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