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A handy and easy to use application that allows you to break large files into multiple ones of a smaller set size, so you can easily transfer them

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Chunk File is a small and handy application designed to help you split large files into pieces of a set size, so you can easily transfer them.

Intuitive interface

Although no customization can be done to the program's user interface, not even resize the main window, its usefulness will remain unchanged.

Chunk File is constituted of a single window with two tabs, one for splitting files and the other for rebuilding the original document.

The application displays in the status bar in the lower side what process is being performed at the time, informing you if it is still splitting files or it has finished.

Chunk File displays the number of pieces a document has been or will be broken into, and you can also view the size of the pieces, so you can make sure they will fit the transfer size limits.

Customizable parameters for splitting files

With Chunk File, you can browse for a large document on your drives that you wish to split into multiple pieces of a set size.

As soon as you input the disk size the pieces should be, the application will automatically calculate how many of them will be made from the entire original file.

This way, when you have to send a document via e-mail, but the maximum file size that can be sent is much lower than the size of your document, you can split the large file into multiple pieces of the desired size.

Quickly rebuild the original file

As soon as you split a file into pieces, the program will create a CFG file that will contain the information about the location and name of the pieces.

This way, all you have to do to rebuild the original document is to open the CFG file and start the rebuild process.

Handy file splitter

Although a simple and basic application, Chunk File is a handy and easy to use tool designed to help you split large files into smaller ones, in order to transfer them with ease. The user-friendly interface, along with the intuitive process make Chunk File an efficient application for file splitting.

Chunk File was reviewed by Sorin Apostol
Last updated on March 31st, 2014
Chunk File - You can select a file from your disk and specify how many pieces it should be broken into, so it can be easily transferred.Chunk File - The program will automatically find the sequential pieces of the file in order to rebuild the original document.

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