Access your documents quicker, even if they are stored in different locations on your computer with the help of this reliable document manager
Curator implements a document management system that can ease the access to files, even if they are not stored in the same location. It is particularly useful for those business or home users who have their documents scattered around multiple folders and are in need for a way to access them easier, without having to modify their path.

Efficient file search and quick document access

Curator is actually a more efficient alternative to manually browsing through multiple directories on your computer or using the 'search' function in Windows. It actually enables you to narrow down the search area to a limited number of folders, which are called 'libraries'.

The application relies on a simple principle, that folders you use as libraries are created using a pattern. Unlike other file searching tools which include in the results anything related to the user-defined criteria, Curator is much more selective, allowing faster access to the files you need.

Functionality inside a simple GUI

Its minimalistic looks makes it very easy to use. The more 'difficult' part is related to actually configuring the libraries. However, Curator comes with a set of samples that are designed to help you understand more about the situations this application can be used in, while also offering a starting point in building your own libraries.

For each library, you must specify its location and the structure of the folder, so that Curator will know where exactly to look for files and at what depth. This way, you practically apply location filters, alongside file type filters.

A more efficient document access method

Adopting a forthright approach, Curator aims to facilitate file access without forcing you to move files around from one location to another.

Making use of the folder structure, it can easily return the results you are looking for, selecting the files based on their location and type. It can efficiently replace the default Windows search function, providing a much faster way to access your files.

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Curator - You can use Curator to get instant access to documents and files in your computer, without browsing through folders.Curator - Curator enables you to create multiple libraries that will be searched in order to find the file you are looking for.Curator - You can easily edit the library path and assign it a description and a suggestive name.CuratorCuratorCurator

Application description

Curator is a low cost, low overhead program designed to improve access to documents.  It uses folder structures ...

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