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A serial port file copy utility





The DM-Link application was developed to be a serial port file copy utility. DM-Link requires no special setup/ installation or DLLs, which makes it unobtrusive on your system unlike so many other file copy utlities.

Before you begin to send files, the receiving computer must be put in Receive Mode. Also, choosing Action->Abort (Esc) from either mode aborts that mode.

Receive Mode(on the receiving computer)
- Go to Setup->CommSetup (Control C) to get to the serial port information dialog box. In this dialog box you will be able to set your port, port speed and number of contiguous CRC retries.
- The last setting is only utilized in send mode. Next go to Setup->Receive Folder (Control F) to dedicate a folder on the system to received files.
- Finally choose Action->Receive (Control R) to put DM-Link in receive mode, allowing it to wait for files from the sending computer.

Send Mode(on the sending computer
- Go to Setup->CommSetup (Control C) just as we did in Receive Mode. The CRC retry is used to try to get DM-Link to send files even under bad transmission conditions, such as a semi-faulty cable or electrical interference (leave default).
- Finally, go to Action->Send (Control S) to choose a file(s) to send.
Last updated on August 23rd, 2010
DM-Link - The main window of DM-Link lets you select the file to transferDM-Link - The Settings window of DM-Link lets you set the port number

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