DVYGUN Smart Search

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A software that allows you to find documents or pictures on your computer.





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DVYGUN Smart Search is a really fast desktop search tool for your emails and attachments, documents and file archives, media files and pictures, contacts and web-browser data.

Unique relevancy calculator helps to find what you need even among several millions items, moreover speed of search remains sub-second.

Each found document or email showed with context related citation, where search keywords being highlighted, so you can quickly understand it's content. Creating of program's searchable index is very fast (2-4 Gb/hour).

New and updated items from your computer will be instantly indexed by the application, after the first index is done.

Program constructed to be lightest with respect to CPU and memory utilization. Find your data Fast with Smart Search right now!
Last updated on January 8th, 2014
DVYGUN Smart Search - The main window of the software will show your search results alongside various other information.DVYGUN Smart Search - The first tab in Options will provide the ability to index specific folders and files types.DVYGUN Smart Search - The application will also look for search terms in your e-mails and contacts.DVYGUN Smart Search - The user has the possibility of checking the Internet navigation history without opening the browser.DVYGUN Smart Search - The software can update or rebuild the index by itself on a daily or weekly basis.DVYGUN Smart Search - If you want the program to run when Windows starts you need to check the box from the General tab.

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