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With time, duplicate files tend to gather on your computer, taking up valuable disk space. Duplicate Commander is a tool that can take care of this problem for you.

The software comes with a tidy interface, although the buttons can be quite confusing at first.

You can search in any of your disk drives or even look only into certain folders. Particular folders and file types can be excluded from the query. The app provides an extensive list of duplicate files, divided by size. Thus, you can find all the similar files in one place.

All files can be deleted by simply checking the entire list, or you can select which files to have wiped off your computer. Alternatively, you can copy or move the items into another folder.

Duplicate Commander further comes with a wide range of selection tools. Thus, you can check the first item of the list, leave only the first item of the list unchecked, pick all the items in the group, select only the smallest or the largest file in the group, as well as the older and the newest.

You can also set up filters to only choose the files that are larger than a certain size or created on a certain date. Additionally, byte-by-byte comparisons can be run between the checked groups.

Some other settings can be selected for Duplicate Commander. Thus, you can have the app stop warning you about the drives that are not formatted with NTFS, turn off the confirmations, show the delete button beside each item when your mouse is over it or pick an icon size.

All in all, Duplicate Commander is an advanced tool that can help you trim down your duplicate files. It can tell you how much space is wasted on your computer and how to get it back.

Duplicate Commander was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on December 2nd, 2014
Duplicate Commander - Use the main window of the application to search and delete all the duplicate files in your computer.Duplicate Commander - The right click context menu integrated into the software lets you check all the files found in a group.Duplicate Commander - You can choose to remove all the nonexistent and checked items from the edit menu.Duplicate Commander - The General Options tab allows you to enable the persistent check option and the notifications.Duplicate Commander - This is how you can select the mouse wheel scroll step and modify the icon size.Duplicate Commander - The last tab found in the Options window allows you to set all the folder and filetype exclusions.

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