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A very lightweight system tool that you can use to identify and manage duplicate files that are located on your computer's hard drive

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DuplicateFinder, as its name so clearly suggests, is a tool designed to help you look for and identify duplicate files on your PC. It enables you to scan your entire hard drive or a specific folder and delivers the results in a very short time.

A no-nonsense tool that is easy to handle

DuplicateFinder displays a more than comprehensive user interface which makes it well suited for anyone. The moment you run it, a window with scan settings pops up so you can get to configuring the search right away.

The application doesn’t put you face to face with any kind of complicated or hard to understand search criteria. You get to choose from one of two search types, opt to look for all files of any size or a custom one, and you can also select to ignore hidden or system files.

Once that’s done, you’re one click away from a finished scan. Results are displayed in a list-like structure and come with details about the file name, size in bytes and on disk, creation and modified dates, as well as location path.

Move or delete duplicates with a click

DuplicateFinder is designed to ease your work not only in locating duplicates, but also in managing them. When a scan is complete, all the found duplicates are displayed in a list already marked and waiting for your next action.

Bringing up the context menu you are given the options to move the duplicates to a new location or delete them. Moreover, if you want to relocate the originals, DuplicateFinder allows you to batch switch the selection and do just that.

Finds duplicate files in three steps, removes them in one

To wrap it up, DuplicateFinder is a really nice and practical tool to have on your PC whenever you want to look for identical files which may take up space or are misplaced.

DuplicateFinder was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on May 23rd, 2014
DuplicateFinder - DuplicateFinder allows you to scan your entire computer and identify duplicate files.DuplicateFinder - Opening the context menu, you are able to copy, move or delete the automatically selected duplicates.DuplicateFinder - Before you start a new search, you can choose its type, location, as well as the size of the files to look for.

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