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Find TXT, CSV and LOG files across your local, network and removable drives, open files, and look up more information online using this simplistic tool

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With the aid of FTF you can perform fast searches for text, CSV and log files across your local disks, removable devices, network locations, or optical drives. It has only a few standard options that can be quickly discovered.

Portable and simplistic file finder

This is a feather-light application that doesn't include an installer, so it can be directly launched from a pen drive on any PC you come in contact with. However, it doesn't include advanced search filters, so it cannot compared with more complex software packages.

Search for TXT, CSV and LOG files

It's wrapped up in a large window with an unimpressive look and well-structured layout, where you can conduct a search operation by following a few basic steps: select a directory as your scan scope, and indicate partial or full file names and/or extensions to take into account.

Open files and look up details online

Subdirectories may be included or excluded from the scope, and you can also enable case sensitive mode. Once the search is over, FTF loads the full path of each result in the same window, and you can open the right-click menu of a file to view it, visit its location on the disk or look up more information online. There are no other notable options available here.

Evaluation and conclusion

The app completed search tasks quickly in our evaluation, without hanging, crashing or displaying error messages. However, we haven't noticed any real difference from using the default search function of Windows.

On top of that, FTF has limited options and support for just three file types. We must also take into account that it hasn't been updated for a long time. Nevertheless, you can test if for yourself, since it's freeware.

FTF was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on May 22nd, 2015
FTF - The main window of File and Text Finder allows you to define the search criteria, by folder / type / text and to view the results.FTF - The context menu of FTF enables you to follow the containing folder of the files found, to show the file, or perform an internet search.FTF - FTF also enables users to easily view the contents of a file in a new window.

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