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A handy and sturdy application that allows you to quickly manage files that have very long paths by moving, copying or deleting them

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As you handle files on your computer, you occasionally might come across files that cannot be moved, copied or deleted. Aside from those protected by your system, there are files whose paths are just too long for the Windows API handler, which can take up to 259 actual characters. When attempting to tamper with this type of files, errors might occur, which result in the inability to modify them.

Long Path Fixer is a robust and simple to use tool that can help you in such cases, by overcoming the character limit of the API handler, thus helping you easily manage your files.

Handy special file organizer

The application provides you with an API engine powerful enough to handle files which surpass the maximum limit of Windows’ path reader. By doing so, you are able to copy, move or delete such files without encountering runtime errors.

Furthermore, you are able to quickly copy both the long and short file path to clipboard. The short file path is both useful at reducing text size and hiding the actual location of a file, as you cannot easily determine the location just by reading it.

Reliable file manager that can edit with long paths

Long Path Fixer helps you manage files that display errors due to their long paths. Thanks to its Explorer-like menu, you can quickly organize your files and change their paths, so that the Windows API handler can read the without causing errors.

On top of that, the application runs in System Tray, meaning that you can instantly access it whenever you need to, otherwise being unhindered by it.


All in all, Long Path Fixer is ideal for overcoming errors caused by long path files. Through its simplistic interface, you can manage all your files, regardless of the length of their path.

Long Path Fixer was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on July 28th, 2014
Long Path Fixer - Long Path Fixer helps you seamlessly move, copy or delete files with particularly long paths.

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