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A software utility that helps you increase the security of your computer by preventing the copying of your files and folders, and blocking several Windows features (e.g. Windows registry entries, Task Manager, Command Prompt)

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M File Anti-Copy is an application that can ensure the security of your computer by preventing the copying of your files and folders.

Intuitive environment

The program comes with an easy-to-use interface in which you can activate an anti-copy protocol for specified or all files, folders, drives and file types.

Copying options

When you want to activate anti-copy for specific drives, folders and files, you can either create an inclusion or exclusion list.

Furthermore, you can copy and delete files and folders when M File Anti-Copy is running (in case the anti-copy has been activated).

Block deletion options and prevent files, folders and USB devices from running

You can also activate anti-delete and anti-run for files and folders (or anti-run only for specific Windows titles), as well as an anti-run system for USB devices (make the USB storage read-only, close USB ports).

Lock several other Windows features

In addition, the "Other" menu allows you to lock Windows registry entries, Task Manager, Command Prompt, the "drag and drop" method, "Send To" menu, Windows CD burning, file uploading and attaching, as well as drive formatting.

Testing its capabilities

M File Anti-Copy uses a low amount of system CPU and resources, includes an online help file and does a great job when it comes to restricting user access to the content off your computer. For example, the anti-run feature is especially useful if you suspect your computer has been virused but don't have the possibility to take care of the situation right away.

Final thought

On the other hand, in order to deactivate the anti-copy system, you have to log off every time. This can become very uncomfortable for most users. Otherwise, M File Anti-Copy is a great security software application and we strongly recommend it to all users.

M File Anti-Copy was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on July 31st, 2014
M File Anti-Copy - M File Anti-Copy will help you quickly and easily lock the copy, deletion or execution of your filesM File Anti-Copy - The Copy, Move section of the application will provide users with Copy / Move Files, Folders optionsM File Anti-Copy - Users will be able to access options such as File, Folder Anti-Delete within this area of the softwareM File Anti-Copy - screenshot #4M File Anti-Copy - screenshot #5M File Anti-Copy - screenshot #6M File Anti-Copy - screenshot #7

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