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File management program that helps you copy several files in parallel, pause/resume copy operations at any time, and copy items to FTP locations

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Microsoft RichCopy is a file management tool, designed to help you copy multiple files at the same time, in order to increase the overall speed of the process.

Fast installation and clean looks

The installation is very simple and quick, while the user interface is pretty simplistic and intuitive for the user (except when you go to Options and view more advanced commands).

Simple-to-trigger copying actions

Select the source path of the files you wish to copy, as well as the destination output, and then start the copying procedure.

Check out the logs for additional details

RichCopy makes a note of the time copying has started, in a log file, where you can also view any errors that may have been encountered (for example, RichCopy can't access a certain file if it is being used by another process).

Testing its capabilities

We tested this software on Windows 7. Indeed, batch copying is finally a breeze among Microsoft fans, but when it comes to speed, Windows 7 is still faster in the copying department. RichCopy probably works best on older Windows versions.

Other handy features to work with

Nevertheless, this program comes with a lot of useful options that you can fully take advantage of. For example, you can choose for the application to automatically ignore read-only flags, so you can safely walk away from your computer and know the copying is complete when you return.

Other options include purging, moving, verifying, or consolidating multiple sources. Plus, you can also copy files on / to FTP locations. Besides, RichCopy uses less CPU and memory resources than Explorer.

An overall efficient and reliable file management program

All in all, if you want a great alternative to simultaneously copy several files, then take a look at Microsoft RichCopy.

Microsoft RichCopy was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on July 31st, 2014
Microsoft RichCopy - Microsoft RichCopy is a multithreaded copying tool that will make transfering files a lot fasterMicrosoft RichCopy - In the Overview tab of Microsoft RichCopy you can select the default source path, the default destination path, thread number, copy method etcMicrosoft RichCopy - In the Overview tab of Microsoft RichCopy you can alter the thread count, cache size or process priority.Microsoft RichCopyMicrosoft RichCopyMicrosoft RichCopy

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