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A program that searches for files inside your computer with excellent search speed

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File Seeker is a file searching utility that looks for files inside your computer, while also providing a remarkable amount of features to help users in this regard.

Providing many more tools than the standard Windows search tool, File Seeker relies on a rather well-organized look, with intuitive menus and straightforward options to lend a hand to all types of users.

There are three search modes at your disposal, namely “Active File Search”, “Database File Search” and “Search Within Files”, obviously each coming with its very own set of configuration options.

If you wish to go for the “Active File Search”, File Seeker prompts you to provide the name or part of the name of the file to search for, as well as a path where it could find the file. The “Database File Search” can look for the desired file on the whole drive, while the last option can look for a word or phrase into any file extension you choose.

With a pretty fast algorithm that doesn't seem to stress up the CPU and RAM too much, File Seeker can even look inside compressed files, regardless of their extensions, with supported formats including RAR, ZIP, CAB and JAR.

The available filters make searching even more effective, so pay attention to every single option before hitting the “Search” button.

All these filters can be configured from the settings menu, where you can decide whether to search in folders, hidden, read-only and system files, hidden folders, system folders or compressed files.

Overall, File Seeker is clearly an effective product that does what it says and provides a remarkable speed. Plus, it runs on low resources and gets along with all Windows versions out there.

File Seeker was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on March 22nd, 2012
File Seeker - File Seeker will help you search for files inside your computer with excellent search speedFile Seeker - The Database File Search tab will provide users with Browse, Search, Append, Preview or Stop optionsFile Seeker - Users will be able to access options such as Add / Remove Extension or word to be searched inside the selected files from Search Within FilesFile SeekerFile SeekerFile SeekerFile Seeker

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