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Lightweight tool which enables you to easily view the contents of your hard drive, as well as manage them in an efficient manner

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Snowbird is a software application that provides users with a simple means of viewing all the items on your hard drive, as well as manage them.

The upper hand of a portable app

The installation process can be skipped, as this product is portable. This means that, unlike installers, it is not going to add new items to the Windows registry and hard drive without your approval, and it is not going to leave any kind of traces behind after its removal.

Another important aspect is that if you place the program files to a USB flash drive or other similar external data unit, you can take Snowbird anywhere with you, and run it on any PC you come in contact with by simply clicking the EXE.

Change view and open multiple instances

First and foremost, you should know it is possible to open multiple instances of this program, and therefore you can start multi-tasking. The main window consists of a few buttons, a folder structure and a pane to view the contents of a selected directory. They can be viewed as icons or in a detailed list, along with information such as name, modified date and time, and file type.

Look for items on the HDD and manage bookmarks

A search function is incorporated, while the context menu in this app enables you to open files, as well as cut, copy, delete and rename them, or display their properties, in a new window, such as path, type, size and created, last modified and last accessed date.

It is possible to add bookmarks and organize them, as well as view recently visited locations. Hidden files can be shown and the size can only be displayed in bytes.

Bottom line

To conclude, Snowbird is a pretty handy piece of software when it comes to managing the files and folders on your computer. The response time is good, the interface is suitable to all types of users, the resource requirements are minimal and we did not register any kind of errors or crashes.

Snowbird was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on May 1st, 2014
Snowbird - The main window of the program has an easy-to-use interface and shows all the drives in your computerSnowbird - The Preferences window enables the user to personalize the interface of the application and its behaviour

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