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This is a lightweight piece of software designed to help users split text files by line, a regular expression, size, or text boundary

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Text File Splitter has a pretty self-explanatory title. This is an application that allows you to split text files. It comes in handy when we are talking about a large amount of information shown in text.

Clean interface

After a brief installation process, you can notice how intuitive and appealing its interface is. The features may seem cluttered at first sight, but since everything is displayed in a column mode, you can just start configuring options from the top.

Splitting options

You have to select the source file, the destination directory, file splitting actions (keep headers, use a specific file pattern), file splitting strategy, and strategy options.

The file pattern can be customized according to file name, date, extension and sequence, while file splitting strategies include splitting by line (select how many lines per file chunk), number of files, a regular expression (write the regular expression for boundary), size (select size per chunk), or by text boundary.

Where it falls short

Unfortunately, Text File Splitter does not support the drag and drop method or batch splitting, and it does not alert you if it is about to overwrite a file. If there is already a file of the same name in that directory, Text File Splitter does not generate new files. So, the output path needs to be changed for each strategy.

The software program has some major problems. Honestly, except for the first file splitting strategy (i.e. split by line), nothing worked properly. "Split by number of files" generated one empty file, while "Split by size" generated many files, but some of them were empty.

Furthermore, there is no help file that can guide you through this program, so if you do not know what "split by regular expression" or "split by text boundary" means, then you will never get to use those strategies. Also, the application takes up a high amount of system resources, considering its skills.

Bottom line

In conclusion, Text File Splitter still has a long way to go from being a great program, but you can try it for yourself.

Text File Splitter was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on January 21st, 2015
Text File Splitter - Users can choose between multiple configurable file splitting methods such as By Line, Size or Regular Expression.

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