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A useful software solution designed to offer you an alternative way of arranging your documents, by providing you with a fully-customizable desktop-like interface

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Your desktop might be a good place to store important documents and quick shortcuts to various programs, but you can only do so much when it comes to personalizing it according to your preferences. Thus, you can make use of a special utility, which enables you to take control of the way your files and documents are stored and arranged for quick access.

Add documents using drag-and-drop

Velom is an application designed to provide you with an interactive environment for you to organize and manage your documents, as well as group and sort them according to certain parameters. The utility functions almost the same way as a regular desktop, with the added possibility to create colorful groups and use the zoom feature to easily navigate between them.

In order to add documents into the application, all you need to do is to drag-and-drop them into the main window. Alternatively, you can navigate to their location using the add new content menu, which also enables you to open entire folders at once. The latter operation, however, can take a longer time to complete, especially if the directory you are trying to open holds a large number of documents.

Search for the desired files

Once the items are all added, you can start customizing their appearance. Hence, they can be integrated into groups, each one of which is displayed in a different color, to make it easier for you to distinguish between them. The shape of these groups can be manually adjusted, by simply dragging items around the interface. If by doing so you are touching another group, the two are merged together, making it really simple to organize the contents of the desktop.

Another interesting feature built into the application is the ability zoom in and out of the environment, using the scroll button on your mouse, or the dedicated navigation area. In addition, you can also perform queries on the available items, by simply typing the name of the desired file into the provided search box.

An elegant file management solution

Despite it being rather unusual, Velom quickly becomes very intuitive and indispensable, especially if you need to have a large number of documents at your disposal at any given time. In addition, the user interface is very lightweight and simple to use, although it can get quite cluttered if you do not constantly organize the added items.

Velom was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 18th, 2014
Velom - You can add documents into the main window of the application, as well as arrange, group and sort them according to your preferences.Velom - The item right-click menu allows you to open the location folder for the selected document.Velom - The general right-click menu enables you to switch between workspaces and reach the program configuration settings.Velom

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