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Using this straightforward application you can select a window and monitor its state change, then you can explore the activity log






WinFocusMon is a handy and reliable utility designed to monitor a specified window and to determine why it loses input focus.

The application displays a notification whenever the selected window changes its state, then generates a report about the focus activity.

WinFocusMon can monitor almost any application window, such as your word processing program, web browser, email client and even full screen games.

If you have ever been typing along only to find that some of what you typed is missing, or were playing a game when all of a sudden it minimizes to the desktop or stops accepting input, WFM may be able to tell you why.

What can happen is that another window, even though you never saw it, may have acquired keyboard focus, thus effectively hijacking keyboard and/or mouse input. When this occurs, WinFocusMon will try to provide information about the offending process, allowing you to take it up with the application developer or look for an alternative program
Last updated on February 20th, 2014
WinFocusMon - WinFocusMon is a simple to use application that allows you to log the activity of a window.WinFocusMon - The application offers you the possibility to select the name of the window or its class to be displayed in the log.

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