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Allows you to create, format, and delete disk partitions with easy and the least time possible with batch operation capabilities

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Working with storage devices and performing maintenance or management tasks on both fixed and removable drives requires dedicated tools that Windows doesn't fully provide. There are many applications that were designed for administering HDD partitions and among them you will find Active@ Partition Manager.

The program comes with a simple interface that hosts all the functions in a single window for easy access. If you have any external storage devices connected to the system, you will immediately notice that the software supports removable disks.

Active@ Partition Manager can help you create new partitions or delete existing ones by using the commands neatly lined-up in the main window. With this utility you will also be able to format partitions as well as logical drives and it supports NTFS, FAT32 and FAT16 file systems.

In case you want to explore detailed information or change the attributes of a partition or drive, this tool can be of assistance. A neat function that advanced users will find most welcomed is the ability to view and edit the boot sector values.

When creating new partitions, the program offers you a choice among Primary, Extended and Logical, not to mention that you can set the partition geometry manually and use as measurement units either megabytes or sectors.

With Active@ Partition Manager you can assign any available drive letter to the newly created partitions and mark them as Active if necessary. Insofar as the formatting options are concerned, this software comes with basic settings which include writing a volume label, choosing the file system and the allocation unit size.

All in all, this utility packs all the features one would need to quickly manage storage devices, be them internal or external, fixed or removable. Active@ Partition Manager is also very easy to use and thus it is fit for less experienced users as well.

Active@ Partition Manager was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on February 20th, 2015
Active@ Partition Manager - Active@ Partition Manager will help you quickly and easily create, format, and delete disk partitionsActive@ Partition Manager - The File menu will provide users with application log / hardware info saving capabilitiesActive@ Partition Manager - Users will be able to inspect the application log or SMART info for their hard drives within the View menuActive@ Partition Manager - screenshot #4Active@ Partition Manager - screenshot #5Active@ Partition Manager - screenshot #6Active@ Partition Manager - screenshot #7Active@ Partition Manager - screenshot #8Active@ Partition Manager - screenshot #9Active@ Partition Manager - screenshot #10Active@ Partition Manager - screenshot #11Active@ Partition Manager - screenshot #12