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Have your hard disk drive or a removable storage device scanned for bad sectors and fixed with the help of this powerful application

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Bad sectors represent one of the worst failures that could happen to a hard-disk, usually leading to unstable systems, very slow or compromised operating systems and tons of errors that pop out every once in a while.

Aims to find and repair bad sectors

That's why HDD Regenerator could play a key role for your computer when it faces such mishaps, as this particular software solution is designed to find bad sectors and repair them without losing the user's data.

No previous experience required

Even if the generic functions of such an application make it less suitable for beginners, the interface takes care to make the whole procedure pretty easy, so after reading the available documentation almost everyone should be able to use it.

Slow and steady wins the race

HDD Regenerator detects the hard drives and initiates a thorough scan, so it needs a lot of time until the whole process ends. It took more than one hour during our test, so it's pretty obvious that scanning a very large hard disk could even take half a day.

Scans hard disks found in any condition

As soon as any magnetic errors or physical bad sectors are identified, the application will automatically repair the problems without affecting the data in those regions. The great thing about HDD Regenerator is that it supports not only any file system but also unpartitioned and even unformatted disks.

In conclusion

All in all, HDD Regenerator is a must-have tool if you're trying to deal with bad sectors on any hard-drive. Even if the scan will take a lot of time, any bad sectors will be fixed and you will not lose a bit of information stored there.

HDD Regenerator was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 18th, 2014
HDD Regenerator - HDD Regenerator will help you easily repair bad sectors on hard drive surface with powerful toolsHDD Regenerator - Users will be able to choose the hard or flash drive to process before launching the repairing applicationHDD Regenerator - The DOS window of HDD Regenerator will provide users with Prescan, Normal Scan or Show Statistics options

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