Hard Drive Eraser

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Destroys ALL data on your hard drive, once for all

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Hard Drive Eraser is a secure cleaning tool that can permanently remove the data stored on the local disks.

Although this is the kind of app that shouldn't be used by rookies, everybody should be able to figure out the purpose of the built-in tools, mostly thanks to the reduced number of features and the intuitive interface.

Once launched, Hard Drive Eraser prompts users to pick one of the detected drives to be erased and pick a shredding scheme.

A “Quick format” option is also available if you wish to perform a quick cleaning, but it's highly recommended that you keep this feature unchecked.

There are four different file removal methods and as always, Peter Guttman is the most efficient and the one that takes the most time.

As you can see, Hard Drive Eraser is an app that can be used by anyone out there, but it's still recommended to pay extra attention to every single option before starting a cleaning process. You can't recover the removed files, especially when using the Peter Guttman method.

And speaking of the file removal process, Hard Drive Eraser remains a resource friendly app during this time, but it's recommended to avoid working on the computer before it comes to an end. A moderate CPU usage was detected during our testing.

Overall, Hard Drive Eraser is a helpful product as long as it's being used by professionals. It doesn't require expert computer skills, but make sure you know what you're doing before starting the file shredding task.

Hard Drive Eraser was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 17th, 2012
Hard Drive Eraser - From the main window of Hard Drive Eraser you will be able to select the drive to erase and select the erase method