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Take advantage of the power packed in this lightweight utility that is able to flawlessly perform a defragmentation process on your files and disk drives

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If your computer is running slower than expected, defragmentation is bound to make its performance a little better. It does so by reorganizing the data on your hard disk in order to create larger portions of free space, thus reducing the chances of fragmentation.

A powerful alternative to conventional defragmentation tools

The built-in Windows Disk Defragmenter is a good first-hand solution, but its efficiency on large-sized hard drives is debatable. If and when it fails to impress you, we urge you to take a look at Power Defragmenter, a much more advanced utility that’s effective and easy-to-use.

Compatible with most operating systems

Even though it’s stated to work only on NT/2000/XP operating systems, we tested it on Windows 7 and it performed flawlessly. Power Defragmenter was designed as a graphical interface for Sysinternal’s Contig, a small utility that defragments disks and files from Command Prompt.

Lightweight with no installation required

Since its based on Contig, users need to download this file and place it in the same directory as Power Defragmenter in order to enjoy the program’s functionality. Installation is not necessary, so there’s no need to worry about the system’s registry being affected in any way by the program.

Multiple defragmentation methods

Power Defragmenter is able to defragment files, folders and disks and you can select one of these options from the first step of the defragmentation wizard. There’s also a TriplePass mode aimed at removable disks.

Silently getting the job done

Once you choose a task to perform, Power Defragmenter launches a command-line window and starts the job. When the task is completed, a confirmation window pops up, after which you are free to choose another defragmenting option. Canceling is possible at any time, by simply exiting the Command Prompt window.

A few last words

To sum up, Power Defragmenter is a reliable choice if you wish to perform an in-depth defragmentation of your system. Aside from accomplishing that at decent speed, it’s resource friendly. Forget about formatting, reinstalling Windows and using the built-in Disk Defragmenter. This application will work twice as hard and effective! There is also a portable edition of Power Defragmenter available.

Power Defragmenter was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on July 17th, 2014
Power Defragmenter - This is the main window of Power Defragmenter where you will need to specify the type of action you want to perform.Power Defragmenter - Power Defragmenter offers you the possibility to process several folders at once and you simply need to select them.Power Defragmenter - This is the way Power Defragmenter will display the progress of the defragmentation, using Contig.

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